Culture Week

Culture Week Tbilisi Invites All Artists, Designers, and Creative Minds to Showcase Their Talents.

Tbilisi, Georgia – Culture Week Tbilisi, a four-day celebration of global culture, is excited to announce an open call for artists, designers, and creative individuals to participate in this exceptional event, which will take place from May 9th to May 12th in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Culture Week Tbilisi is a unique platform dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, cultural appreciation, and collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The event offers a range of opportunities for artists, designers, and creative minds to showcase their talents and innovative ideas to a global audience.

We are seeking participants in the following categories:

  1. Art: Exhibit your artwork and contribute to the rich tapestry of international cultures through your creative expressions.
  2. Fashion: Join Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi and display your fashion designs in a global setting, alongside Georgian and international designers. 
  3. Theater: Bring your theatrical performances to life and engage with audiences who appreciate the beauty of storytelling. 
  4. Music: Share your musical talents with a diverse audience and be a part of the event’s cultural performances. 
  5. Dance: Showcase the beauty and diversity of global dance forms in captivating performances that mesmerize the audience.

Culture Week Tbilisi invites all interested artists, designers, and creative individuals to submit their proposals and ideas for participation. We are excited to provide a platform for your creativity and innovation to shine on a global stage. Certainly! Here are registration questions for each of these directions.